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Grand Valley State University has partnered with the Educational Advisory Board to bring you Navigate360, a student success software that assists with appointment making and access to services on campus.  Navigate360 provides a variety of tools and support for students, faculty and staff, see below for more information.  Or sign in using the login button below.

Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox when accessing Navigate360 as some of the elements in Navigate360 may not load properly on other browsers.

Students - a way for undergraduate students to more easily connect with their advisor(s), faculty, and other support services across campus.

Faculty - a way to connect with students in their classes and their advisees.  Provides faculty with the ability to more easily find and access student information and share information with advisors and other student support offices across campus.

Staff - a way to connect with advisees and students that they are supporting.  Provides staff with the ability to more easily find and access student information and share information with Faculty and other student support offices across campus.

Navigate360 connects students with a variety of support services on campus and creates a one-stop shop for students to be able to access those services.  Navigate360 started the implementation process in the Winter of 2020 and launched for it's first full academic year in the Fall of 2020.  Navigate360 includes offices such as, advising centers, tutoring centers, and various faculty and departments across campus.  Navigate360 continues to expand and partner with departments, faculty and staff, all across campus.  If you are interested in learning more please contact us at [email protected]

20,000+ Active Unique Student Users
Over 200,000 Appointments Created
35+ Departments Utilizing Navigate

*The information above is from August 2020, when Navigate360 was launched, until now.

If you have questions or are having technical issues with Navigate360 please contact [email protected].

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